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The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual

Brand, PR and Community strategies on a shoestring. · By SUPERSTRING


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UPDATE #4 | 50% off in the Summer Sale
As part of the Summer Sale, we've whacked 50% off The Zero Budget Game Marketing Manual, meaning you can now pick up the full version of the book - full...
UPDATE 3 | Finished The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual? What Did You Think?
Have you finished reading The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual ? As we collect feedback and notes from readers, I wanted to ask a couple of quick questions...
UPDATE 2 | Your Store Page
A good chunk of the Brand Assets chapter of the Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual is dedicated to your game's store page. Here, all the marketing assets that fo...
UPDATE 1 | Marketing on Zero-Budget
First things first: huge thanks to everybody that has downloaded The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual so far. The intention behind the project is to create a r...
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