UPDATE 3 | Finished The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual? What Did You Think?

Have you finished reading The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual

As we collect feedback and notes from readers, I wanted to ask a couple of quick questions: 

  1. What areas of the book were most helpful in terms of improving your marketing output? 
  2. What questions were you still left with having finished the book? What *didn't* it cover? 

As we look to revise and improve the book for a possible second edition, your feedback is hugely appreciated. Feel free to use the comments section to offer up your feedback, or drop me a line via any of the Superstring channels. 

Also, if you enjoyed the Marketing Manual and were able to rate the book on Itch.io, that would be hugely appreciated too. 

Finally, if you have any questions about the brand and marketing of your game, feel free to reach out and we can chat - jamin[at]superstring[dot]studio

Many thanks, 


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I've not finished reading the book, far from it.

After the intro and the first chapter, It sounds informative, usefull and the form is pleaseant.
Anyway, I found some typo and didn't know where to pinpoint them, so here they are :

page 10 - Header
Page 11 - Near end "convert those eyeballs"
Page 15 - Near end "They might have seen a gif"

Thanks for publishing this book! :)

Hi there! Thanks for checking out the book, and bigger thanks for catching those rogue typos for us - will collate for the next update.