UPDATE #4 | 50% off in the Summer Sale

As part of the Itch.io Summer Sale, we've whacked 50% off The Zero Budget Game Marketing Manual, meaning you can now pick up the full version of the book - fully optimised for your eReader of choice - for just $3.49. 

In addition to this, you can also pick up the book in a bundle with Headspun, our FMV/Adventure hybrid - grabbing both for $4.99. 


That's all for now - until next time. 


Get The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual

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hi, question! i purchased this through The Superstring Halloween Price Slash! and it only came in as the "lite" version of the book, not full. was the full only available during the sale or...?

Hi there! Somebody else had this issue and seems to be a problem itch side, where the discount isn't applied to full version. Please email me at: jamin[at]superstring[dot]studio and I will sort you out. 

Many thanks!