#2 | Rebuilding Cortex; a closer look at the features of Headspun

In Headpsun, Theo wakes from a five-week coma, and Cortex - the world of his brain - is in a bit of a state. The game's narrative revolves around his recovery after this accident; of recovering his lost memories and getting better. It's more than just a plot point, however. 

On a gameplay level, this means earning resources - Neurocredits (or Neuros) - to commission repairs to the game world. As Ted, the director of Cortex, you can build new rooms which will increase Theo's Cortex Power, and further his recovery. Each room also has various other benefits and features. The R&D Lab, for example, allows you to research new additions and enhancements for the store, which you can then commission. The Reverie Bar, on the other hand, raises your staff's morale, making them happier and more efficient employees. 

Theo's recovery will be directly reflected in the environment as you progress in the game. 

Hopefully that gives you a little more insight into the game and what Theo's recovery actually means in terms of the game's features. We'll be sharing more very soon. 

Until next time, then! 


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