In Professor Steve Peters book - The Chimp Paradox - he outlines a metaphor for two voices we all have in our heads: the Human, and the Chimp. 

The Human is the rational, conscious voice, and deals with situations in an intelligent and measured manner. The Human is the voice you like to think is in the driving seat of your life. 

The Chimp, on the other hand, is the primal, irrational subconscious. It doesn't care for logic or reason, and acts purely on emotion. It's been conditioned over thousands of years to keep you out of harms way - it cares not for society and the modern rules we live by. 

In life, there are often moments where these two voices come into conflict, which can cause stress and turbulence. 

Headspun is a game about these voices coming to blows. 

After Theo wakes up from a five week coma after an accident, Ted and Teddy - inspired by the Human and Chimp voices respectively - must help Theo recover and put his life back on track. And this is where the game picks up. 

We'll have more to share on the game very soon, but until then, please sign up to the Headspun Newswire[headspun.co] for early info and updates, and an exclusive Headspun wallpaper pack. 

Thanks, and until next time! 


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