UPDATE #4 | New Builds Live!

It's been a short while since the last update to the Headspun: Dazed Edition, but today new PC, Mac and Linux builds have gone live and are ready for your consumption. 

The latest versions introduce a host of fixes and improvements based on itch.io community feedback and suggestions. There's still a good amount to do before the full release of the game, but this is the most substantial update and step forward to date. 

  • UI update - button-reactions, better flow 
  • Audio Fixes - fixed clipping issues and general audio performance improvements
  • Economy Balancing - bit of an update to costs and rewards; this is still being tweaked, and will need more work before final release. 
  • Erase Game Data Warning - the game now checks if you want to erase data before starting a new game (apologies to those that discovered this issue the hard way). 
  • General Bug Fixes - lots of this, basically. 

Huge thanks to everybody that's taken the time to send through their bugs and feedback; it's massively appreciated. 

Keep your eyes out for more updates soon...


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