UPDATE #14 | Price, Project 2 & Patreon Updates

Hullo - hope you're all staying safe/sane in these turbulent times. 

A quick note at the top - our FMV/Adventure Headspun has 75% off right now, and will do until we come through this madness. If you're self-isolated, a big narrative game fan, and struggling financially due to current world events, however, let me know and I can send you a key for the game. No questions asked. Just reach out; happy to help anybody that needs some help staying inside. 

On our part, an increased amount of time inside sat at the ol' computer means our next game is coming together ahead of schedule. We're not far off the point where we'll be sharing an exclusive, early version of the game with our Patreon community.

Superstring is a small studio, and your support on Patreon *really* helps us pay the bills and keep making games. Patrons also get a bunch of rad stuff including:

 👾 A Headspun game key (PS4, Xbox One, Switch or PC) at ALL pledge levels. 

🎮 Monthly builds of our second game (starting very soon).

📰 Behind the scenes news and updates. 

 Bloody loads more.

Click here for more.


More from us soon - but until then, stay safe. 


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