UPDATE #2 | The Road to Launch

Yo! A huge thanks to everybody who's taken the time to check out Headspun . The comments and feedback I've had through so far have been fantastic, and it's really fascinating to hear about people's experiences with the game for the first time. I'm aware there's still a lot to do, so quickly wanted to lay out what's been updated so far, and what's due in the coming weeks. 

Since launch, we've updated the page with four new builds, with some key fixes and improvements for the short term Dazed Edition of the game. These include: 

  • An update to the Save system so that it actually saves all your crucial progress (apologies to anybody who lost anything when playing the very first version of the game) 
  • Removal of a pesky progress blocker after day 3
  • FMV audio fixes 
  • Various bug fixes

The next step is to work through everybody's comments and bugs for a much more substantial update next week. This will (begin to) address: 

  • Missing/Broken features  (sidequests, R&D room functionality etc)
  • Missing dialogue populated 
  • Accessibility options - text speed/size etc
  • Audio levels (music was one of the most recent assets to go into the game, so audio balancing still needs to happen)
  • Typos purged (Headspun is very text heavy, and mistakes slip through the net sadly) 
  • Bugs and other new Itch.io community feedback addressed

Hopefully that gives you a bit of a window into what's happening with the ongoing development - drop us a line any time if you want to chat about anything in more depth. 



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Version 5 Aug 22, 2018
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Version 3 Aug 22, 2018

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